Top 10 places to do a backpacking trip near Delhi | Top 10 backpacking trips from Delhi

by Keshav | June 7, 2017 10:34 am

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Top 10 backpacking trips from Delhi

No blah blah!….just coming to the point : presenting you the top 10 backpacking trips from Delhi. Suggest more if you know any more which we have missed.

1. Explore the land of Pushkar and Ajmer

Making a trip from Delhi to Pushkar could cost as low as Rs.500. Be that as it may, the advantage of the entire undertaking awaits you at your destination. The Pushkar Lake and the Brahma Temple will shock you and will set you up for what is to come ahead. Staying up at the Ajmer will be a better alternative since it gives you the chance to appreciate the picturesque trip from Pushkar to Ajmer, while additionally finding a better offer for your stay. But there are really some good resorts[1] or stays available in Pushkar which I would personally say that everyone should try. I tried one of them and written about them too, You can read more about them here[2].

Ghats at Pushkar

[3] Ghats at Pushkar

Tent Resorts in Pushkar

[4] Tent Resorts in Pushkar

2. Spend your weekend in the quaint town of Orchha

Travel down to the town of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh. Jhansi is the closest rail head from Orchha and an overnight train traveling from New Delhi gets you to this place in a matter of 6 hours to 7 hours. Take a taxi to Orchha from Jhansi. The town awaits you in all its glory with sanctuaries and forts seen round the whole town. Take a boat ride down the stream at dusk; cycling around the Orchha Wildlife guarantees a somewhat invigorating experience.

Orchha Chatris

[5] Orchha Chatris

Orchha Fort

[6] Orchha Fort


3. Travel to the heart of India in Khajuraho

Some camping trips near Delhi that is good for holidays, Khajuraho remains a trending place to visit in the winter period. The 22 sanctuaries developed by the leaders of Chandela administration between 950-1050 AD are still intact and give you the chance to understand the cultural heritages that are a piece of India’s rich history. And you all know that second factor why you should visit Khajuraho’s temple of love…..;)


[7] Khajuraho

Temple of Love in Khajuraho

[8] Temple of Love in Khajuraho

4. Experience the Beating Retreat ceremony at Wagah Border

Make plans for a visit Wagah Border to witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony. A nearby transport from Amritsar will drop you at Attari. Easy access makes Wagah Border one of the least expensive spots to visit near Delhi. Do not book local taxicabs if you place yourself on a strict spending plan. Try to attend and be punctual (not later than 3 pm for the 4 pm service). Lodge in a traveler guesthouse for a cheaper deal.

Retreat ceremony at Wagah Border

[9] Retreat ceremony at Wagah Border

5. Enjoy a unique cultural trip through Mathura and Vrindavan

These two religious centers in Uttar Pradesh have an energetic culture that reflects what India is really all about. It’s just about 3 hours drive from Delhi to Vrindavan through the Yamuna Expressway. The first stop on this course is Mathura, which is the origin of Lord Krishna and the sanctuaries; the Vishram Ghat singing the Radhe Radhe chants will beyond any doubt make your visit an awesome experience. When you get to Vrindavan, you can spend the morning at the Yamuna Kali Ghat and Bihari Temple. Afterward, you can visit the adjacent gully to enjoy some delicious hot savory meal. They are also one of the most colourful places in India[10].

Mathura and Vrindavan

[11] Mathura and Vrindavan

6. Spend your mornings on the ghats of Varanasi


Spend the weekend on the ghats of Benaras. You can take the overnight train from Delhi to Varanasi. Mata Anandamai Ghat, Raj Ghat, and Munshi Ghat are some of the cool river banks you can pick from to stroll along and enjoy the early morning sunshine. Take an exciting boat ride on the Ganga waterways and explore the sepia-tinted dusk in this marvelous city that stunning beyond doubt.

Colourful India

[12] Ghats at Varanasi

7. Get a taste of the wild at Sariska

When you are planning backpacking trips near Delhi, the Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the top places to consider that can draw you nearer to nature. Creatures, for example, chital, hyena; wild hog, hyena, and Panther; makes it a fascinating getaway for picture takers and nature enthusiasts all year round. You can know more about different wildlife sanctuaries near Delhi here [13]:

Sariska Tiger Reserve

[14] Sariska Tiger Reserve

8. Wonder awaits you at Agra

The most wondrous of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal can be your stop for a weekend getaway. A train can take you from Delhi to Agra is a 3-hour joyride. You can take pictures holding the Taj, move around Mehtab Bagh and you can also visit the Agra Fort.

Taj Mahal

[15] Taj Mahal

9. The Heavenly Hamlet, Chail

This interesting little town on three green slopes is a 25-minute drive from Shimla. Shimla is the place to board a transport to Chail by means of Kufri. Guest house charges won’t surpass Rs.1000 a day in the event that you just need a decent place to rest after you stop stargazing. Trust me when I say it’s one of the best place for a weekend backpacking Delhi

The Heavenly Hamlet, Chail

[16] The Heavenly Hamlet, Chail

10. The magic of Goa

The biggest tourist destination of the country. The shorelines/beaches and natural of this land are what entice a lot of guests. One of the best parts about making a trip to Goa is that it has something for everyone irrespective of your budget. The beaches where you can unwind, take a walk, and go for a swim or have a feast at one of the several diners.

Benaulim Beach,Goa

[17] Benaulim Beach,Goa

Day 2 at Sunburn 2015 Goa

[18] Music Festivals at Goa

Goa has many colours and shades, it will always be considered as the best party destination in India. And the fact is you can budget your goa trip anyway you want you can make it luxury by checking out some of the best resorts in Goa[19] or you can just backpack go there an enjoy some of the best music festivals[20] or get lost in virgin beaches of goa[21].

That’s all from our side for now. Drop us a comment if we have missed something or if there is any backpacking trip that you have done and wanted to share with us.

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